Kristen Shiozaki

I'm an aspiring designer & over that past few years, I have put my creativity and innovating skills to the test and have worked on a variety of design projects!


(This is a temporary website as I am currently working on building my own so stay tuned and look forward to when I finish!)


Scroll down to take a look at my work! Or click the button to view my portfolio summary!


"Design is not just what it looks and what it feels like.  Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs



Street Musician Shelter (CAD & MVP)
Ring-Aid (CAD & MVP)
Ergo-Rest (CAD & MVP)
Hydro Wheel (CAD)
UYC Posters (Graphic)
Student Council Posters (Graphic)
Music Hear! (UI/UX App Design)
EZ QR Huntz (UI/UX App Design)
Bite Check (UI/UX App Design)
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Text MD (Coding)
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